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About This Project

This project demonstrates augmented reality on the web. The models get designed in Blender after which they are passed to unity for some scene assembly and then exported as GLTF for import in WebGL and display in WebAR. It was made possible through the space provided by Peck School of Arts, UWM. Models were designed and project was led by Sarah Wright, stories and scenes by Rebecca Jeske and Aran Tianshi Ma, web development by Joseph Rex, marker designs by Sam Kotrba, supervised and guided by Professor Chris Willey who also brought the team together and provided the opportunity to work on this project.

To view the scenes in AR, use your device to click the AR links and place the camera view above the markers shown. Markers can also be gotten from here for Scene A, B, C, D, and F. Scene E is represented by Kanji. You can also use any marker on this single view.